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BigRoof was developed by private landlords working as professionals in multiple fields. We aim to be the best rental software in the business by directly sourcing inputs from private landlords and from industry veterans.

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Bigroof system is subscription based. This system was developed with HMO's (House in Multiple Occupation's) in mind.

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The Property Management Software Experts

Property management can be a challenging and rewarding career. If you own your own property management business, you might enjoy flexible hours and being your own boss. However, the property manager has numerous responsibilities such as finding new tenants, addressing needed repairs, and collecting rent payments. The right rental software can ease the burden of these responsibilities and help the property management professional stay organized and focused on necessary tasks.

Rental Property Software

The rental property software that a busy property management professional uses needs to be easy to understand and efficient. A property management system can be a help or a hindrance. Quality property manager software should be a valuable resource for keeping tenant and building records and generating the necessary rental forms.

Property Management Software

Landlords can get discouraged by the many responsibilities when they are managing their own property. Often, landlords do not want to pay a percentage of their profits to a management company to recruit tenants and collect the rent. Therefore, landlords can feel stuck with trying to stay organized and keep track of rent payments, but they should be able to enjoy their real estate investment. Software designed to help landlords can reduce the burden and allow landlords to enjoy more free time. In addition to the help it can give rental property owners, this software is an excellent investment for a company that manages rental properties for its clients. These companies can offer their services to local landlords and use the software to provide their services.

Landlord Software Benefits

Many landlords want to manage their properties on their own, but they do not like the stress of organizing financial records and tenant records. Rental property software helps the landlord to be able to manage their own properties. Therefore, the software allows the landlord to save money that they would spend on property management. BigRoof is a landlord software developed by landlords. The system help landlords to keep track of which tenants paid their rent, how much money the landlord is spending, and how much money is being earned. The landlord also can use the software to create forms such as rental applications, leases, and renter's insurance forms. This makes the online property management a whole lot easier.

Property Management Software for Multiple Properties

The online property management software by BigRoof allows management agencies and landlords to organize the details about multiple properties. The information can be retrieved quickly and easily. The easy access to information saves the landlord or property manager from delays when looking up information to answer an inquiry by a prospective tenant. Such delays that often are caused by a landlord having to search for paperwork to answer a question can appear unprofessional.

Gather Tenant Feedback with Software Property Management

The BigRoof rental software gives landlords and property managers options for gathering feedback from tenants. A place for feedback can be included on a form or the property manager can create a tenant survey to gather the renters' opinions. Tenant feedback is valuable for landlords since it provides insight into the perception and experience of the tenants. Their opinions can alert the landlord to potential problems. A property management professional can offer to gather tenant feedback as one of the services they provide to landlords.

Ready-to-Use Online Property Management System

If someone wants to start a home-based business, property management may be an ideal choice. With the BigRoof property management system, a new property manager can get a good start with organizing records for multiple properties for clients. The rental software makes starting a property management business easier since it can provide all the necessary forms and financial records required for the business. Starting a business can be a way to gain new skills, supplement income, and fill unemployment gaps while looking for a new opportunity. This potentially lucrative business can be started as a home-based business with minimal investment. Current landlords may want to increase their income by managing property for others. The BigRoof internet software makes it easy to take that step to becoming a successful entrepreneur. We believe this is where our landlord software truly stands out.

How Does Property Management Work?

Rental management companies offer various services to landlords for a fee which may be a commission based on the rental income. For example, the company may charge an 8% commission on the rent that is collected. Some companies may require start up fees or additional miscellaneous fees. The collection of the rent is only one aspect of the business. The company recruits new tenants and evaluates applicants for the rental properties to select the best tenants. The management company must be ready to provide the landlords with income statements and other records as needed. The rental software is ideal for maintaining the necessary records and printing any forms or accounting records. Why would you manage your own properties or rentals for others without having the best tools like an efficient software system?

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